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About Us

Dermax began in 2003. Back then, cosmetic injectables weren't as mainstream as they are today.

People were still pretty intimidated by medical aesthetics, and there was a lot of speculation and taboo around potentially getting botched.

Since the establishment of our company FillerSupplies, we have never betrayed our main principle – when working with us, the client has to be a winner always.

It was the key factor in our success on the international market. Some of our regular customers gave us a jocular motto – “beauty does not require sacrifices with FillerSupplies“.

From the first minute of our partnership, you can be sure that  Dermaxonline is a big international company that provides high-quality products to the aesthetic beauty and orthopedic industry. 

Our main benefits:

  • Best wholesale prices
  • We supply only original products and have warehouses around the world
  • Our team continually monitors our products whether they meet the highest quality standards and do they have exceptional value
  • Next day shipping with all requirements of transport according to the temperature requirements of products
    We provide the full guarantee of your privacy policy
  • The customer service department will be happy to assist you, organize quick and optimal worldwide shipment

We supply all the leading brand names including Sotox®, Aqua Secret®, Revisage®, Macrolite®, Macrolite Pro®, Devolux®, Devolux® Plus, Devolux® Vital, Prejuva®, NutriDerm®, Mesocel®, Magik Thread®, Lipotrex®, CozySculpt® and CozyTouch®.

If you cannot see a product that you are looking for, please email us and we will source it for you. We also have our own products, and can represent quality-tested products on behalf of manufacturers looking for retail distribution and/or launch via our platform.